lead based paint inspection

15February 2023

lead-based paint inspection

Welcome to our thorough guide on lead paint inspection.

As a homeowner, property manager, or contractor, you understand how vital it is to maintain a safe and healthy environment on your property.

This is particularly true regarding lead paint inspections.

This article will cover everything you need to know about lead paint inspections, including the cost of an inspection, why an inspection is necessary, and what to expect throughout the inspection process.

What is an inspection for lead paint?

A lead paint inspection is a procedure used to assess whether a structure contains lead-based paint.

Prior to its removal in the late 1970s, lead-based paint was widely used in homes and buildings.

If your building was constructed prior to 1978, lead-based paint may have been utilized.

Lead is a poisonous element that can cause a variety of health issues, particularly in youngsters and pregnant women.

A lead paint assessment can determine whether your building contains lead-based paint and whether it poses a risk to residents.

Why is a Lead Paint Inspection Necessary?

There are numerous instances in which a lead paint check may be necessary.

If you are a homeowner wanting to paint or renovate your home, you may need an inspection.

When lead-based paint is disturbed, such as during a restoration, it might be hazardous.

As a property manager, you may require an inspection to ensure that your facility is safe and in compliance with local codes.

There may be an inspection requirement for contractors to comply with occupational health and safety requirements.

Cost of an Inspection for Lead Paint:

Several factors, like the size of the structure, the number of rooms, and its location, might affect the cost of a lead paint inspection.

A lead paint inspection might cost between $200 and $500 on average.

Note that a lead paint check is distinct from a lead risk assessment, which might be more expensive.

A lead risk assessment is a more thorough evaluation of the danger of lead exposure in a structure and can cost between $300 and $1,000.

Cost Estimator for Lead Inspection Based on Home Size

A lead paint inspection for a 1,600-square-foot home costs an average of $400. The price might go up to $625 if your property is bigger than 2,500 square feet. A home inspector will charge you about $0.25 per square foot to check for lead-based paint, on average.

Expectations for a Lead Paint Inspection:

A qualified inspector will visually evaluate your building to determine the presence of lead-based paint during a lead paint inspection.

The inspector may utilize an X-ray fluorescence analyzer to evaluate the presence of lead in paint samples.

If lead-based paint is found, the inspector will decide if it constitutes a risk to occupants and make suggestions for its removal.

Other Cost Influencing Factors

A lead paint examination costs between $230 and $420 on average in the United States.

The cost of a lead-based paint inspection will vary depending on the home inspector you hire, the surface areas inspected (walls, windows, etc.), and the property’s overall square footage.

The following factors may influence the average cost of lead-based paint inspection:

Risk Evaluation

If the property tests positive for lead during a general home inspection, it is best to hire a qualified lead inspector or risk assessor.

Various samples of paint, dust, and soil will be collected for further testing during a risk assessment.

The hazards of lead-based paint, as well as the necessary preventative measures and fixes, are then detailed in the final report.

Some properties with low lead hazards necessitate a “lead hazard screen,” which is a more limited risk assessment.

A risk assessment for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home costs an average of $1,090.

Lead removal

According to the EPA, lead paint abatement may include removing painted surfaces or concealing and sealing them to avoid any contact.

The removal of lead paint from a home to make it safe for habitation is known as lead paint abatement. Both mitigation and removal are viable abatement options.

Professionals in the removal and abatement industry must adhere to EPA-approved protocols.


  • Mitigation

In general, potential homeowners opt for mitigation, which entails covering up the old paint and damaged drywall with new materials to limit their exposure to lead paint.

Homeowners should budget $2,000 on average for mitigation services.

  • Elimination

To completely remove lead paint, you must hire professionals to remove and dispose of it before repainting the damaged surfaces.

Because of all the materials that must be removed, disposed of, and then replaced to completely eliminate lead, the average cost for elimination is around $10,000.

House Painting

You can expect to pay around $3,348 if you hire a professional painter to paint your home after lead paint inspection and abatement.

While the exterior of your home is being painted, you could also paint the interior.

Painting the interior and exterior at the same time saves money over doing it separately.

The interior of your home will most likely cost you between $1,216 and $3,269 if you hire a professional painter.

prices are an average, and are subject to change.


In conclusion, a lead paint examination is a crucial step in assuring the safety and well-being of your building’s occupants.

Although the cost of a lead paint inspection can vary, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building is free of lead-based paint is well worth the expense.

f you require a lead paint examination, you should employ a professional inspector and adhere to their remediation suggestions.

Lead Inspection Costs Vary by Location

The cost of an inspection varies depending on the market and cost of living in your area. An inspection may cost as little as $200 in rural areas, where labor rates are generally lower. If you live in a city or a more expensive region, such as the West Coast or the Northeast, your costs may be closer to $630.

The best way to determine the average cost of a lead inspection in your area is to contact several local inspection companies, obtain quotes from each, and compare prices.

We appreciate you reading our lead paint checks guide.

We hope you found this article informative and useful.